Official COVID-19 hackathon in Sweden. 
An initiative by The Swedish Government.

Our press release with all the winners can be found here!

The new COVID-19 virus is testing our country, our society and us as citizens. Everything normal about our daily lives has been put on hold. Life, health, and jobs are threatened. 

In this critical moment, our task is to work together as a nation to solve one of the biggest crises of our lifetime. Hack the Crisis is an online hackathon organized by DIGGHack for Sweden, Openhack and The Swedish Government

The mission is to design, test and execute ideas for the future of Sweden and the world. We want to gather creative ideas and develop concepts in an attempt to create solutions helping us make further progress in the ongoing resistance. 

This hackathon is a context for all parts of society to contribute – public sector, private sector, academia, non-profit organizations and citizens, who want to join in the fight.

Three main challenges

The hackathon will focus on three main challenges;

  1. Save lives
  2. Save communities
  3. Save businesses

We are looking for and will award ideas, prototypes, and solutions in each of these three challenges that can make peoples' lives easier during the time of a pandemic. 

To participate, you can register either as an individual or as a team, and submit your solution in one of the challenges. Gather your friends, colleagues, and family to register and contribute with your ideas.

The hackathon will be carried out 100% digitally. It will start on April 3rd at 15:00. A more detailed schedule will be released continuously – thank you for your patience.

We have overcome many pandemics before. We will overcome this one as well. 

TBA: Detailed schedule, submission and judging details.


The Prize Money of 150 000 SEK will be split amongst the 6 winning teams, the winner in each challenge and track; Concept Solution & Digital Solution, as well as Save Lives, Save Communities, and Save Business.

From our amazing partners, Additionally, each winning team will get:

  • Access to Consulting / Advisory to further develop the solution
  • Possibility for incubation programs and assistance with go-to-market strategy from our amazing partners. 
  • Access to cloud services and other necessary tools
  • Access to a great network of experts in different areas

The matchmaking process will start on April 7 after the winners are announced.


    Hackathon-related information announced

    Information regarding categories, challenges, jury criteria, team creation and idea submission will be announced on Slack & email. Make sure to register to receive this.

    Slack & e-mail

    Team creation phase

    Everyone who wants to join the hackathon needs to register individually. Regardless if you're joining with an existing team or if you plan to find one during the hack.

    Teams are not limited to any size. You can have as many or as few team members as you wish. This means that if you want to participate solo that is OK.

    Slack channels #team-creation-post-ideas and #team-creation-post-skills

    Pre-submit your ideas

    Everyone who is registered in Hack the Crisis can start submitting ideas to hack on through our idea submission platform.

    The idea submission is optional, but we recommend it for everyone as it is a smart way to plan ahead what you will be hacking on this weekend. Another part of the Idea Submission is that we will publish the submitted ideas to give inspiration to hackers that are curious about how they can help fight the pandemic. 

    Remember, even if this hackathon has an element of competition, we are all in this together to help the people suffering from the COVID-19 crisis.

    The idea submission closes on Friday the 3rd of April, just before the Opening Ceremony starts.

    Info about the final submission (on Sunday) will come later this week.

    Idea submission platform

    Announcement – mentors, toolkit, jury process etc.

    We will release detailed information about;

    • Mentors and how to book them 
    • A Toolkit PDF with tips and tricks for the hackathon
    • Final submission and Jury process
    • A detailed schedule of the weekend (with the live streams etc.)

    Time is preliminary and may change.

    Slack & e-mail

    Idea pre-submission deadline

    The idea submission is optional, but we recommend it for everyone as it is a smart way to plan ahead what you will be hacking on this weekend.

    Use this link to submit your ideas.

    Idea submission platform

    Opening Ceremony

    We welcome all hackers, partners, and mentors. We present the team behind Hack the Crisis Sweden, go through the schedule and cover all the platforms we are using during the hackathon.

    Live streamed

    Hackathon starts

    Make sure each hackathon participant is registered individually. This is essential to take part in the hackathon and get all the necessary information through Slack.

    This hackathon is divided into three challenges and two tracks. The challenges are about what challenge you are trying to create a solution for, and the tracks are about how you are solving it.

    1. Track 1 – Digital Solution
      Your team builds a digital product, prototype, service, or app (etc.) and presents a demo of it, by recording a video of it (max 2 min).
      1. Challenge 1 – Save lives
      2. Challenge 2 – Save communities
      3. Challenge 3 – Save businesses

    2. Track 2 – Concept Solution
      Your team develops a concept for society, and it could not be built by you as it requires collaboration by government agencies or other organizations to realize it.
      1. Challenge 1 – Save lives
      2. Challenge 2 – Save communities
      3. Challenge 3 – Save businesses

    All submissions are primarily judged on the basis of how quickly the solution can be implemented in reality. Due to the rapidly increasing negative impacts of the pandemic and the critical crisis we are in, all solutions that are judged to not be realizable within two months will automatically be rejected. You are of course still welcome to hack on them, get feedback from our mentors and resources from our partners, but your solution won’t be in the competition.



    Mentoring available

    Book a 30 min mentor session with one of our experts to get feedback on your ideas / solution.

    Through the (TBA) mentoring-booking system


    Mentoring available

    Book a 30 min mentor session with one of our experts to get feedback on your ideas / solution.

    Through the (TBA) mentoring-booking system

    Submission deadline – Jury work begins

    Submissions are sent in for your track and challenge. More information and the jury's criteria will be announced shortly.

    Closing Ceremony – Winners announced

    The juries have made their decisions.

    Live streamed

    FAQ – Frequently asked questions

    What is a hackathon?
    A sprint-like event where participants team up and create solutions to real-life challenges in an intense period of time. Using creativity, technology and mentoring, the weekend results in prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovative usages of tech.

    Who can participate?
    We need a wide variety of skills and backgrounds. Whether you're interested in getting started with your tech journey, learning more or want to test your skills – we need you.

    Do you need to know programming to participate?
    No, there are many other valuable competencies you can bring to a team and a solution. Also, one track in the hackathon will be focused on concept solutions to solve challenges rather than digital prototypes.

    How do I sign up?
    Everyone who wants to join the hackathon needs to sign up individually through the register participation button above. Regardless if you're joining as a team or as an individual. Information regarding team creation will be announced at a later stage.

    Can you participate individually?
    Yes! It is possible to participate and compete on your own.

    How do I find a team?
    We will announce more information on how teams are made on Tuesday, March 31st.

    Is participation free of charge?
    Yes, the hackathon is free to enter.

    Can you participate with an idea / solution that you already started working on?
    Yes, the main focus is to bring forward solutions in the time of a crisis. Although the submission must go in line with the jury criteria (TBA).

    Do you supply any datasets and / or other resources?
    Check out our Inspiration & Resources segment.

    Does the final product / MVP need to be in English?
    No, the final product itself can be in Swedish but the video demo, as well as the communication in both the submission text and video, needs to be in English.

    Follow the movement