Inspiration & Resources

Here are some inspirational resources and tips to get you started on creating a digital concept or a digital solution that matches the real needs of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Use this information, in combination with the challenges from our stakeholders, to find your path towards the most achievable solution.

Maybe this is your first hackathon or maybe you’re a seasoned hacker? In any case, you should begin by reading 10 tips before HackTheCrisis Sweden which is a brilliant summary of lessons learned if you want to make a great contribution that really makes a difference in the current crisis.

After reading the article above, explore The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) COVID-19 Self Diagnosis Application (in Swedish) to understand what is currently being developed by the Swedish Government. 

Finally, take a good look at the resources below to make sure you’re not reinventing the wheel but instead focusing on finding reusable solutions as well as open data sources and educational information from the global COVID-19 community.

Our hackathon toolkit including;

    • Free .se domains.
    • Credits for Azure, AWS, GCP and City Cloud.
    • Relevant tools for team collaboration, business strategy, tech development, code, and design. 
    • Facts and information regarding the impact of COVID-19.  

Promising and reusable solutions

Hackathon resources

Open Data

COVID-19 Statistics

Blogs & Articles

Education & Research

Government news & Information

You can find additional resources from the organizers and the community in the #resources channel on our Slack community. 

Please also share your own findings with the rest of the community! We're facing this pandemic together after all.